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Over the past few years, our national champion athletes have epitomized the character traits of every member of the Gator Nation; exhibiting uncanny strength, intelligence, preparedness, team work and perserverance.  As Gators, we recognize and accept the heavy burden that must be satisfied to achieve success.  We know that when we all stick together, in all kinds of weather, history is made.

During this period of economic turbulence, the Gator Nation has stuck together, reamined focused and continued to help young, extremely gifted, freshman students from Palm Beach County live their dream of attending the University of Florida.  In the past 6 years, the Palm Beach County Gator Club has twice been recognized as the Most Oustanding Gator Club, in part, for its contribution of over $300,000 in scholarship donations.  Our Gator scholars are among the nation's most elite students and deserve our financial support.

With your help, the Palm Beach County Gator Club is proud to offer a new scholarship program that provides an opportunity to recognize the philanthropy of our donors.  We invite your participation in creating a one-time $1,500 scholarship named after you, your company or someone you would like to see honored.

Although your contribution may be tax deductible, the greatest perk of contributing to this scholarhip program is that you will have the opportunity to personally present the scholarship award to the student who has been awarded your scholarship at our annual kick-off party in August.  The emotional aura of appreciation given by the students and their families is unmatched.

Please click on and fill out the below contribution form and support your Gator Nation.

Yours Truly,

Sonja Capps
Palm Beach County Gator Club


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