Marketing Opportunities


Marketing Opportunities to Benefit the Scholarship Fund

The PBC Gator Club has received many requests to email, advertise, or hand out promotional materials on behalf of businesses, individuals, and other groups. Opportunities are now available to market to our alumni members and friends through the PBC Gator Club. These opportunities are limited and the PBC Gator Club has sole discretion in deciding the products, services, and events that it agrees to let have sponsorships.  Proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund.

The sponsorship packages listed below are available now as described. PBC Gator Club demographics information follows cost schedule.

Spring and Fall 2010 Newsletter Ads
     1/8 page B & W      Cost = $275*
     1/4 page B & W      Cost = $500*
     Your name and website link listed for six months on PBC Gator 
            Club's "Support Those Who Support Us" webpage

Basic Email Package    Cost = $300*
      Your name and website link in one of our weekly emails
      Your name and website link listed for six months on PBC Gator 
             Club's "Support Those Who Support Us" webpage 

Multi Email Package     Cost = $950*
      Your name and website link in 5 emails; during Oct., Nov., and Dec.
      Your name and website link listed for six months on PBC Gator 
              Club's "Support Those Who Support Us" webpage 

* Can be cash or trade for goods and services (ex. raffle prizes) will be considered

PBC Gator Club Demographics – Membership, Website Hits, and Viewership. 

Weekly emails are sent to over 2,700 club members and friends, 98% of whom reside in Palm Beach County. Your information will appear at the end of our email and we can provide a link to your website if you have one. 

Our four page fall newsletter is sent via US mail and is mailed to over 12,000 alumni all in Palm Beach County.  One of the four pages is available for ads.  Approximate delivery is 12,000.

Sponsorships of all packages include your company name on our "Support Those Who Support Us" web page. The PBC Gator Club's website receives an average of over 1,200 visitors per month.

Sponsor/Advertiser does not have access or right to PBC Gator Club's contact list of names and email addresses.  Sponsor/Advertiser does not have access or any right to PBC Gator Club's website except to have their name listed as described.

Any request to hand out materials at a PBC Gator Club event, including game viewing parties, must be made via email and sent to the email address below.  Requests will be presented at club board meeting for approval and pricing.

If you have any questions or would like to send copy, email Thank you.