Gator Aiders


Local Red Cross "Coaches Up" Gator Aiders Volunteers

The UFAA Young Alumni Council is proud to be participating in the Gator Aiders Program. Gator Aiders is a joint effort between The UFAA Young Alumni Council and the American Red Cross. Every year, the Red Cross responds to tens of thousands of disasters. Each local chapter of the Red Cross trains volunteers to respond when their local community is in need. The goal of Gator Aiders is to organize group-training events through each of our Gator Clubs, so that this year the Gator Nation will be ready to help when called upon.

If you wish to volunteer to be a local Gator Aider, please send an email to and fill out the attached application below.

Ready When the Time Comes Program

 The American Red Cross Palm Beach County Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC) program trains volunteer teams from local companies, organizations and community based groups in disaster relief and deploys them to disaster sites in the Palm Beach/Okeechobee Counties area.

 All participants receive free basic training in disaster preparedness and response. RWTC volunteers serve as a reserve task force that will be called upon when disaster response requires increased volunteer staffing to support major Palm Beach Chapter emergency relief operations.

How Does RWTC Work?

Local companies, organizations and community based groups partner with the American Red Cross in the Palm Beach area to train their designated members as disaster relief volunteers. Partners commit to making these group members available for major local disasters, such as large scale flooding and significant power outages.

When a major local disaster occurs, the Red Cross calls the RWTC partners, who then deploy their volunteers to Red Cross service sites.

Services RWTC Volunteers Can Provide

All RWTC volunteers who have attended the introductory course (3 hours) are eligible to take additional training needed to perform one of the following disaster relief activities:

  • - Mass Care and Feeding
  • - Sheltering
  • - Disaster Response Call Center
  • - Client Casework
  • - Logistics
  • - Disaster Assessment

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