2012 PBC Gator Club Scholarship Recipients

The Winners Of The 2012 PBCGC Scholarships Are........

We want to congratulate all of those students who submitted applications for the 2012 Palm Beach County Gator Club Scholarships.  All of the applicants should be so proud of what they have accomplished, and we could not be prouder of the fact that you are bringing your amazing talents and minds to the University of Florida. 

It is with great honor that we announce the following students as the winners of the 2012 PBCGC Scholarships.

Monica Barra
Christina Bicknell
Toni Fernandez
Jennifer Hochman
Heather Klotz
Nichole Manosh
Donald Meyers IV
Afifa Noor
Molly Parkinson
Aishwarya Vijayan